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About Us

SJB Anointed Productions Inc has now changed over to the name of Byrddove Mgmt. The company now manages artists and still books for many national acts. The company has continued to keep its brand and respect within the industry, and we have begun to work with artist in various other genres.

SJB Anointed Productions Inc. was formed in April of the year 2000. The company has been founded for the purpose of concert promotions, marketing, and booking artists for the national engagements. 

SJB Anointed Productions has been blessed to host concerts for the likes of Vickie Winans, Dorinda Clark Cole, Kiera Sheard, Lashun Pace, 21:03, Melba Moore, Benita Washington, Tarralyn Ramsey, and many others.


SJB Anointed Productions has also developed relationships with television programming such as TBN, and TCT television, and other religious programming. These opportunities has helped to create major visibility to our artists nationally.


SJB Anointed Productions has also teamed up with a radio servicing team to help launch artist musically.

We have also engaged in several events that have benefited missing and exploited children nationally. Our company has a heart for children that have been taken away from their families. Benefit concerts have helped to bring children back to their families. 

Our company works to book artists nationally in church venues, concerts, and non-traditional outlets.

SJB Anointed Productions “host” a roster of some of the best independent, and label talent in the country. Our company finds it a “joy” to serve these artists to the best of our ability. SJB Anointed Productions believes in serving it’s artists with integrity, and will strive to book our artists in events that meet their ministry genre.         


It is very important to our company that we work to lift up the name of “Jesus Christ” in everything we do. It is also important that we minister in “excellence”. 

In closing our company believes that we know that are things work together for the good, to them who “love God” and to them who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

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